Considering the recent firestorm at Das Sporking and the fact that I want to at least have this chapter of Pokemon Master completed, I may be switching all my sporkings back to here until the new rules are done and more submissions are done.

However, if any Das Sporking mods see this: please reintroduce posts that are looked over. I don't care if I'm not sporking there anymore (I won't be online in a month anyways), but having every post approved seems to be the best way to avert what happened in my humble opinion.

Persona Fanfiction ToCs

Persona Fanfiction Sporkings

“Parenting Pleasures”: The story of Nanako and Dojima's "love", as told via horribly squicky fanfiction. Explicit content. Not safe for humanity.

Parenting Pleasures TOCCollapse )

“Too Hot for TV”: The perplexing story of the Investigation Team's attempts to have group sex that makes no sense and is not sexy. Explicit content. Arguably not safe for humanity.

"Too Hot for TV" TOCCollapse )

“Dojima’s Desires”: More Nanako/Dojima by the author who brought you "Parenting Pleasures" because OMG they luv this pairing. Dojima is a horrible human being. Explicit content. Not safe for humanity in the slightest.

"Dojima's Desires" TOCCollapse )